Episode 12 | The Last Jedi Trailer Reactions!

The official trailer for The Last Jedi has arrived and the entire crew is here to give you all the gut reactions and overwhelming joy that ensued after watching it. Chris, Mike, Sam and Ryan are joined by Sabrina to pontificate wildly about what it all means and what challenges our beloved characters will meet in Rian Johnson’s entry into the Skywalker Saga.

Grab your Snoke Cloak and settle in as we discuss every tension filled moment.

Download and send us your thoughts on Twitter (@droidpodcast), Facebook (@thedroidspodcast) or even via email (droidspod@gmail.com).

Episode 11 | Attack of the Clones Rewatch

We are partaking in “aggressive negotiations” this week on the pod as we revisit Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Our rewatch of the entire franchise continues in this edition where we discuss sand and its properties, chemistry and its absence as well as dialogue and what to do when it has “parted.”

Join us for Coruscant chase scene praise, Yoda lightsaber build up and fawning over Ewan both in this movie and a hypothetical alternate version that has been recast except for Obi Wan. Is this the low point of the franchise? Download and send us your thoughts on Twitter (@droidpodcast), Facebook (@thedroidspodcast) or even via email (droidspod@gmail.com).

Episode 10 | JJ Strikes Back!

JJ is back to finish what he started! After last week’s news that Colin Trevorrow had been relieved of his duty as the director of Episode IX, Tuesday brought the announcement that the man who awakened the Force would be capping off the Trilogy he started. Chris & Mike are once again joined by Ryan to talk everything involving this latest shake up in the Star Wars director landscape and discuss what this means for the entire franchise. Plus, Chris shares his favorite Porg recipes for self-outcasted Jedi on Ahch-To.

Episode 9 | Phantom Menace Rewatch

The Phantom Menace Revisit Pod! At long last Chris & Mike are joined by Ryan & Sam to discuss the film that changed everything in the Star Wars galaxy. How have our perspectives on Lucas’ first prequel evolved over the years and what aspects would we change about the most divisive film in the series? This begins our rewatch of the entire franchise in the build up to Episode 8 so grab your Jar Jar tongue lollypop and try not to grimace at the utterance of Midichlorians.

Episode 6 | Ron Howard on Han Solo

Mike & Chris are back to discuss their reactions to the ever changing landscape of the Han Solo stand alone film. Can Ron Howard save the project? What does this mean for future stand alone films? Will great directors be deterred from working with Lucasfilm? The guys discuss it all as the dust seems to finally be settling after the latest Star Wars shakeup.