Episode 17 | Battlefront II & New Hope Rewatch Part 2

The Droids return with part two of our Skywalker Saga rewatch as well as our thoughts on the latest in the Star Wars video game universe, Battlefront II. Chris, Ryan and Mike discuss the implications of Inferno Squad on the larger saga and whether or not the key story moments could play a monumental role in Episode VIII.

Also, don’t miss Ryan’s Battlefront II gameplay video and commentary with more to come on our youtube channel.

Show note: If you want to avoid Battlefront II spoilers skip ahead to 25:00 into the show.

Plus in the rewatch, the guys discuss Harrison and Carrie, Uncle Owen’s Jedi envy and the most overlooked characters in the galaxy. Sadly, Sam could not join us but stay tuned for the end of the episode when we preview Sam’s Star Wars jacket segment from next week.

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